Who we are

Wayland-Weston Crew is a program of Wayland-Weston Rowing Association, Inc. Established in 2000, WWRA is a not-for-profit educational organization dedicated to bringing the joy of rowing to the greater Wayland-Weston community.

The WWRA Story

Founded in 2000, WWRA has grown into one of the most successful public school programs in the state and competitive at the national level. We have about 120 rowers across all of the programs, 7-9 coaches and a full-time program director (Mike Baker). We race primarily 8+s and 4+s but have a handful of singles and pair/doubles to help develop more technical skill sets.

Strong results

WWRA consistently sends out fast boats to contest its races, and has its name etched on many trophies...


Wayland Weston Rowing Association, Inc. - PO Box 5508 - Wayland, MA 01778-1032

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