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Key leaders for the team

Boys captain, Alex Goldstone

Girls captain, Jenna Brandaleone

Rowing, particularly in high school, is a rare opportunity. I started to row because it sounded so different and unique, and I was right! Rowing is unlike anything I have ever experienced. The culture is collaborative, and the people I have met are absolutely incredible :) While rowing can be intense and challenging, I have had a wonderful time and would highly recommend others to try it!

In general, I hope that our team will have ample bonding time (specifically with our most amazing new rowers, the novices!) I also hope that we will be able to compete in a regatta soon.

What a lot of people don’t know about me is that I love to box, read, and eat chocolate!

Boys captain, Cameron Langenhagen

Girls captain, Darcy Foreman


Boys captain, Lucian Mahoney

Over the past several years, I have tried my hand at multiple different sports, but none of them stuck. Just before starting eighth grade, I found myself on the doorstep of the boathouse, took one step in, and never looked back. Rowing has taught me countless lessons including persistence, teamwork, and mental toughness: traits that I did not have before. Once the basics of rowing are down, a new sense of confidence is born and it feels as though you’re flying. Though cutting effortlessly through the water is one of the best parts about rowing, I believe that training with teammates and hunting down new personal bests is the most rewarding. There’s no other feeling that compares to traveling with teammates to regattas and finding personal success. For the first time in a sport, I feel like I’m in a team. There’s so much to offer whether it’s competing at the state level or even the national level, and it’s all so accessible. The only difference is the desire to win.

Rowing: the ultimate team sport. Rowers not only row as one but also push each other to be the best rower that they can be. This network of athletes creates a community of people with a common goal. Therefore, it is essential that our team complements each other and works together. This year, aside from bringing the team closer than ever, I furthermore hope to create a safe, supportive environment that brings the best out of one another. As a captain, one of the best moments for me would be seeing my teammates succeed. I want to encourage all of our rowers, from the middle school program up to varsity, to discover their own abilities and learn more about themselves.

While not on the water, I founded and am the president of a club at the Weston High School and have launched a global nonprofit organization. In my free time, I can be found working at Brothers Marketplace or volunteering around town.

Girls captain, Caroline Schuckel


Girls captain, Brenna Walp


Roster - girls

(as of early fall 2020)

Seniors Alyssa Azzam - Audrey Harris - Becca Lieb - Brenna Walp - Caroline Schuckel - Chloe Flanigon - Darcy Foreman - Jenna Brandaleone - Juliette Smith - Mira Mills

Juniors Eunice Lee - Lily Noyes - Lily Yu - Quinn Gleason - Skylar Gould

Sophomores Cate Bradley - Gretchen Kerfoot - Jane Gargano - Jasmine Fu - Kaitlyn Mayer - Katie Schouten - Madison Schofield - Megan O'Donnell - Molly Morneweck - Nandhana Nair - Patricia Pak - Riley Kendall - Riley Reynolds - Shreya Mehta - Sophia Xie

Frosh Adah Shulman - Austra Karklina - CC Haddad - Chloe Zhong - Clara Sin - Clara Walsh - Hallie Luo - Julia DeGrenier - Liepa Kazlas - Maddie Genis - Natalia Serov - Nora Edouarzin - Siena Flanigon - Sierra Dale - Sophie Roman

8th grade Eilidh McVie - Emma Gargano - Maya Noyes - Mia Kakkar - Penelope Biddle - Sadie Batista

7th grade Alex Shields - Caroline Rent - Emily Genis - Fiona White - Gilly Zajac - Kalena Imura - Maddie Zajac - Paulina Ilyin - Samantha Burt

6th grade Caroline Kiernan - Melody Zhang - Millie McVie - Olivia Fountain - Sadie StClair

Roster - boys

(as of early fall 2020)

Seniors Alex Goldstone - Alex Vlasakov - Billy Cossart - Cameron Langenhagen - Charlie Marchiony - Dan Cai - Edward Wu - George White - Max Wohlfeld - Ry Yamaguchi - Tess Heilman - Tyler Rogers

Juniors Aleksi Reczek - Asher Biddle - Ben Pomianek - Devin DiCarlo - Ethan Wu - Jonathan Dai - Lucas Pralle - Lucas Tang - Lucian Mahoney - Paul Speciel - Zach Bell - Zach Mittelsteadt

Sophomores Alex DiCarlo - Daniel McDonald - Finn Morneweck - Faizaan Qureshi - Henry Hamblett - Johnny Andreasen - Kevin Liew - Liam Nolan - Mark Driscoll - Nicholas Melnichenko - Seabert Wang - Sean Balbale - Will Obar

frosh Aidan Mozayeni - Andrew Orio - Asher Bennett - Conall Lane - Connor Emmert - Graham Schwendt - Joseph Kelly - Max Markarian - Mikail Qureshi - Miles Reynolds - Tanas Kazlas - TJ Dahl - Xander Bell

8th grade Alex Irwin - Finn Jay - Liam Frenzel - Noah Notargiacomo - Oh-Jak Kwon - Sam Carpenter - Thomas Lee

7th grade Daniel Florez - Ben Pyhtila - Ben Schachter - Kent Smith - Lucas Tussing - Sunny Qian

6th grade Aarav Mehta - Aditya Mehta - James Tak

Masters roster

Clifford Lewis - Dan Inbar - Elisabeth DiPietro - Gregg DiPietro - Ian Davis - John Geraghty - Kerry Beyrer - Mark Foreman - Melissa Greenlaw - Nick Orlov - Ryan Applegate - Steve Mascioli - Sue Mascioli