Covid safety

Covid safety

The health and safety of the athletes and staff is paramount.

All of the programs that we offer will adhere to safety protocols to minimize the risk from Covid. The programs offered by Wayland Weston this fall will have a very different structure from prior seasons.

The steps to encourage a safe environment include:

parents are instructed NOT to bring symptomatic children to practice
on site - answering a series of health questions before joining in each day
on site - temperature monitoring of each athlete before joining in each day

Face masks
Athletes wear face masks at all times when they are on the property. This includes the parking lot. Masks are to be fully secured on the athlete face PRIOR to exiting the car.
On the water, and only on the water, face masks may be removed in a single once the athlete has pushed away from the dock. Face masks must be put on PRIOR to arriving back at the dock.

Group size

Minimizing the number of athletes at each practice - the entire team will not be gathering at the boathouse at any one time. We are creating a schedule that allows for access to the parking lot, boathouse, dock, pond, and land areas in a safe manner.

Minimizing the number of athletes in the boathouse

Minimizing the number of athletes on the dock

Minimizing the number of athletes in any one boat - Fall is limited to singles and doubles


At the end of each shift, athletes will clean equipment that comes in contact with an athlete's body, including: oar handle, oar shaft, boat seats, riggers, rigger gates, footstretcher wingnuts, foot straps, boat decks and hulls, erg handle, erg seat, erg fan lever, erg shaft.


Athletes observed not following these protocols will be sent home.
Coaches will have a discussion with parents about whether to allow the athlete to return some other day.