We will work with weights, ergs, circuits, and other sports (as much as possible) to build strength and endurance.  The program will meet 3x/week (MWTh) during Nov and Dec, and 4x/week during Jan, Feb and Mar (MTWTh).  It meets at the Trinitarian Church in Wayland, just south of the Rte 20/Rtes 126 & 27 intersection, from 3:45-6:15.  Attendance is not mandatory.
The fee for this program is $525.00, and is due by Nov 14.
We are also offering a “bookends” option for those doing a winter sport.  If you would like to join winter training before and after your sport, you should choose this option.  The cost is $150.00, and it is for the following days only: Nov 14, 15,19, Feb 25-28, Mar 4-7, 11-14.  It must be paid in full by Nov 14.
Please note the following important rules for the Trinitarian Congregational Church:

1) **Enter by the side basement door ONLY.**  Every day!

2) Do not arrive prior to the start of the program.  There can not be unsupervised athletes at the church.

3) Athletes are only allowed in the basement and gym areas of the church, and with coach supervision.  All other areas, including the Sanctuary, are off-limits.

4) Church activities and needs have precedence.  Comply with all requests from church members graciously and promptly.

5) We are guests in The TCC.  Be respectful at all times.

Registration for winter training is now open on FamilyID.  Here is the link to registration:
Registration is limited by the size of the facilities.  We have been able to accommodate all who have been interested in the past, but if necessary, preference will be given to varsity rowers.  Please register and we will notify you if we have reached our limit.
PLEASE NOTE TIME CHANGE:  3:45-6:15pm.  This time shift will better accommodate arrival times of the athletes.  But remember, you can not be at the church unsupervised!
Questions?  Contact Barbara Sheffels (