WAYLAND – The Wayland High School Athletic Boosters presented its awards for the fall athletic season.

The Booster Award
The Booster Award is given to a varsity senior athlete (if appropriate) who has shown outstanding merit in the areas of leadership, generic sportsmanship, team spirit, and athletic ability. These qualities should be present both on and off the field. Only an athlete in good academic and personal standing should be considered.

Football: Ian Bonner; Cheerleading: Casey Frieling; Girls soccer: Liz Doyon; Boys soccer: Andy Bekenstein; Field hockey: Katie Miller Girls cross country: Lauren Pule; Boys cross country: Brett Baker; Golf: Joe Cooper; Girls volleyball: Lauren Vachon; Boys crew: Bobby Dresser; Girls crew: Sophie Gavell.

The Hal Barnett Award
The Hal Barnett Unsung Hero Award is given to a varsity team member who shows what hard work and dedication can mean improving the overall quality and well being of the team. The criteria for this award are: hard work, willingness to do what is needed for the best interest of the team, and good attendance at practices and games. The recipient should preferably be a senior who is not otherwise recognized. This award is not intended for a standout player.

Football: Jon Bryant; Cheerleading: Lauren McGovern; Girls soccer: Claire Leichter; Boys soccer: Ro Perkins; Field hockey: Sama Abdul-Aziz; Girls cross country: Jenn Adler; Boys cross country: Gifford Delle; Golf: Scott Smith; Girls volleyball: Danielle Smith; Boys crew: Chris Baim; Girls crew: Annie Culver.

The Buzz Bowers Sportsmanship Award
The Buzz Bowers Sportsmanship Award is to be presented to a varsity player whose behavior is characterized by fair play, shows generosity, and general concern for others and demonstrates sportsmanship in a loss and is a gracious winner.
Football: Zach Miles; Cheerleading: Maria Fantoni; Girls soccer: Lindsay Shelton; Boys soccer: Berin Senne; Field hockey: Maggie Davis; Girls cross country: Emily Kopp; Boys cross country: Kevin Krakauer; Golf: Sam Karp; Girls volleyball: Nicole Jenkins; Boys crew: Luke Defren; Girls crew: Melanie Wang.