Thankfully the rain cooperated for most of Sunday. Although it was a bit dreary, the weather could have been far worse!

For some of the novices, this was the first regatta of their rowing careers. The boys Novice 8 placed 9th of 28 crews, besting all but 1 of the MPSRA crews that competed. The Girls Novice 8 also competed in their first head race, placing 8th of 21.

The Varsity squads rowed in a multitude of events. The Varsity boys placed 1st and 22nd in the Openweight Varsity 4, the lightweight boy’s 4 place 3rd of 9 coming home with a bronze medal. The boys also raced four crews in the boy’s 8’s category finishing 3rd, 7th, 27th and 41st of 49 crews.

The varsity girls placed 5th, 7th, and 8th of 40 crews in the Openweight varsity 4, the lightweight girls 4 also came home with a bronze medal placing 3rd of 6. The Girls also raced three crews in the girl’s 8’s category finishing 3rd, 18th, and 34th of 38 crews.  (Textile Results 2011.)

— Matt

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— Cliff Kolovson