We’re looking forward to a
record-setting Ergathon!

The 2016 Ergathon is Saturday, September 17th from 8 a.m. to 12 noon. Donate WW Crewby visiting the Ergathon Teams Page.

Each year, the Ergathon & Pancake Breakfast is a “4-Goal Event:”

#1 & #2 are for the members of the Team: The Ergathon Competition is a demanding physical workout and an important team-building experience that demands strategy and teamwork.

#3 is Fundraising: Each and every member of the team has been challenged to raise $300 from family, friends, and it’s also a competition among teams within the Crew.

#4 isFun-Raising: Watching the Ergathon is exciting and intriguing… plus

  • Breakfast is FREE with a donation of any sizeand there will have a lot of delicious food, just like at a regatta.
  • Learn to Row will be free and could more appropriately be called “Learn to Erg,” which is invaluable for learning to row. 
  • Lake Tours are free (and are particularly appropriate for grandma, grandpa, and little kids) and a great way to get out on the water. 

Questions? Send us an email anytime.

Rowers and Parents: Check out these tips for fundraising. or download the Ergathon Pledge Sheet 2015.