US Rowing Club Nationals 2Six W-W rowers/alumni participated in the US Rowing Club Nationals:Alan Blaesser, Emily Phaneuf, Emily Huber, Jacqueline McInerney, Sophia Young, and Hannah Knight, with great success making the finals in 8 events and bringing home three golds and one silver medal!!

  • Mens Junior A 8+, 6th : Blaesser
  • Womens Junior A 8+, 1st : Phaneuf, McInerney, Young, Knight
  • Womens Junior A 2-, 1st :  Knight /Young
  • Womens Intermediate 2-, 2nd : Phaneuf, Huber
  • Womens Junior A 4x, 1st: Phaneuf, McInerney, Knight
  • Womens Intermediate 1x, 5th : Huber
  • Womens Intermediate Lightweight 1x, 5th : McInerney
  • Womens Open 1x Dash, 5th : Huber
  • Blaesser also participated in the Mens Junior A double
  • Young in the Womens Junior A 4x.

US Rowing Club Nationals 1