**REMINDER–Registration packets due Friday, February 26!
Returning rowers, varsity and novice, your forms are due Friday, February 26.
New novice rowers may turn in registration forms after February 26 with no penalty.
See post below for forms.

**Please also complete your high school’s clearance packet (it gets turned in to your high school). You only need to do this once per year, so if you did it in the fall or winter, you do not need to do it again. You do, however, need to make sure that the date of your physical is within the last 13 months.

Tuesday, March 2, Weston High School
Chris Aufiero will speak to Weston parents from all sports teams from 7 to 7:30; then each team will have a breakout session. Wayland parents, please join us at 7:30 for our breakout session.

**NUTRITION SPEAKER–for parents, too!!
Nancy Clark, a registered dietitian (RD) and sports nutritionist (board certified specialist in sports dietetics (CSSD)) will be coming to speak to the team and parents on the first day of practice, Monday, March 15, Wayland High School, Room L1, 3:30pm. Parents, please come to this talk if you can. I have heard Nancy speak–you will enjoy it, and you will be on the same page with your rower–about food, anyway.
Rowers, there is an entrance fee–you must have a snack! Have a sandwich, an energy bar, some fruit–some fuel for the afternoon.

**NOVICE TRYOUTS–As noted in the registration packet, we sometimes need to limit the number of rowers because we just don’t have enough boats and/or coaches to give everyone the quality experience they deserve. We may need to have tryouts this spring, during the first week of practice. We won’t know until we have all the registration forms turned in. I wanted to give you a sense of what the tryouts would be like.

Tryouts will be based on observations over the first week of practice, and will include some combination of running (for example, a timed one-mile run or the ability to run three miles), core exercises and calisthenics, rowing on the rowing machine, and an evaluation of your effort and attitude.

But no need to try to become an Olympian before the beginning of the season! Just bring to practice your best attitude, and a lot of energy, in order to put out your best effort. If you are inclined, you could ease yourself into some exercise in the next few weeks, if you haven’t been exercising already. Doing something 3x per week that doesn’t leave you exhausted and sore is much more productive than a long, painful workout done once.

If we have to have tryouts, we will hold your registration check until tryouts are completed, and return it if necessary.