Welcome to Wayland-Weston Crew!
Spring 2009 Registration Information
WWRA Registration Deadline: February 28, 2009

New novice rowers may sign up after this deadline as long as there is space available. Please email Barbara Sheffels ( prior to mailing forms to see if there is space.

High School Clearance: In addition to completing our registration forms, each participant must complete his or her school clearance process. Please check your school’s website for requirements and to download forms that must be returned to your school. Do not pay a fee to your school.

First Day of Practice: March 16, 2009

Last Day of Practice: May 26, 2009
(Boats attending Youth Nationals, if any, continue through June 15, 2009.)
For the full schedule: or
Practice dates and times: Monday-Friday, 3:30 – 6:00pm and Sat am
Please note: novice crews will have practice on only some Saturdays

Location: Wayland Town Beach

You are responsible for carpooling with other teammates, whenever possible. A parent-organized bus from Weston High School has been available in previous seasons; check back for more information.


WWCrew Participation Fee: The WWCrew fee is $855 ($765 Participation Fee, $50 Equipment Maintenance Fee, and $40 Town Beach Usage Fee which goes to the Wayland Park and Rec. Dept.). Our fees cover only our operating costs: primarily coaches’ salaries, but also including gas for coaches’ launches, regatta fees, and local travel expenses.  We offer a $50.00 sibling discount off the participation fee for the second child in the program.  Refunds (less $25) will be given within the first two weeks due to injury or membership limits.
Scholarships: It is the policy of Wayland-Weston Crew not to exclude anyone due to financial reasons. We recognize that crew is an expensive sport, and in keeping with our mission, we wish to provide the opportunity to participate to all who are interested. Full or partial scholarships are available.

Please contact the WWCrew Athletic Director (Barbara Sheffels, 508.358.5461, or for confidential, partial or full fee waivers. We do not ask you for personal financial information.  Please do consider the following: Other sports at Wayland High School require a $200 activity fee. Also, we must pay the Town of Wayland $40/rower regardless of the fees collected. Covering this amount of the fee, if possible, is very helpful to your child’s team.

Donations to the scholarship fund are welcomed (see registration form).

Late Registration Fee: There is a $50 LATE REGISTRATION FEE for all returning participants.
There are no guaranteed spots for those registering late.

Registration Limits: Team size is limited by our equipment and coaching resources, safety considerations, and our state and town permits. To the extent possible, Wayland-Weston Crew will not cut rowers from our program. However, if enrollment exceeds resources, the first two weeks of practice in each season will serve as a try-out period. Any participant who is unable to continue in the program due to these restrictions after the try-out period will be refunded, less $25.00. Evaluation criteria include, among other things, a positive attitude, full participation in workouts, ability to run two miles, and the ability to pick up the fundamentals of the rowing stroke.

April Vacation Practices: In keeping with the varsity sport requirements of both Wayland and Weston High Schools, Varsity AND Novice rowers are expected to attend practices during April vacation. This week is an important time for training. The first weekend, juniors are allowed to miss practice in order to visit colleges but are required to be back at practice on Tuesday. Any regattas scheduled for this first weekend are OPTIONAL. We encourage juniors to seek alternate times to visit colleges. Attendance Tuesday through Saturday may affect placement in boats.

Work Party Participation: The success of your team depends on more than just showing up to practice. The maintenance and care of our equipment, our boathouse, and our home course are essential. Therefore, each team member is expected to dedicate a minimum of five hours of participation per season to these activities. Attendance will be taken and may affect placement in boats.

Parent Volunteers: We welcome your ideas and participation! Wayland-Weston Rowing Association is an all-volunteer organization, and we need your help to make this team a success. It only works because of what you do, from organizing fundraisers to ordering uniforms to chaperoning buses to running the food tent on race day, and on and on. There are so many different ways to help, and it is a fun way to meet other parents and learn more about your rower’s new passion. Click here for more information-we look forward to meeting you!

Cancellation of practice: We practice in all weather except active lightning storms. Because our weather changes rapidly, expect practice to be held regardless of the weather situation, and dress appropriately.

Communication: We use email extensively for communication. Email addresses are to be used only for crew-related information. Hotmail users (and possibly others) need to turn off junk mail detection for messages sent to and
(click here for email addresses

Download the Spring 2009 Registration Packet
Please mail completed registration forms to:
Molly Edwards
23 Sedgemeadow
Wayland, MA 01778

Contact Barbara Sheffels, WW Crew Athletic Director
508-358-5461 or