Here are section assignments for the middle school spring program. Sections allow everyone a sculling seat, while responding to family schedules.

To optimize the learning experience for the child, kids are placed in country groups to better match teaching themes across a group. Rowing is a team sport; your child’s rowing directly affects the rowing environment for the other kids in the boat.

The assignments are not a judgment of long-term development. Parents can help their kids to deescalate expectations around these groups.

Using the country assignments as a general guide to skill level, actual boat lineups at practice are created to respond to the attendance and weather conditions experienced for the practice session. Boatings by country help with teaching themes. But some days it‘s more helpful for the team as a whole to mix boats across countries.

Boat lineups are not finalized or announced until after the kids have checked in that day. Lineups are not send out ahead of time because middle school families have busy lives and so attendance is unpredictable, and because weather conditions change.

Saturday Early Section: 8:15 to 10:15

New Zealand

Aleksi Reczek

Lexi Weichmann

Lucian Mahoney

Nandhana Nair
Quinn Gleason

Riley Kendall

Zach Bell

Zach Mittelsteadt


Clark Ohlenbusch

Devin DiCarlo
Finn Morneweck
Lucas Tang

Max Lewenberg
Philip Wohlfeld

Sean Balbale

William Shimada-Brand

Great Britain

Alexander DiCarlo

Arvin Hedayat

Asher Biddle
Ben Gelardi
Connor Emmert
Molly Morneweck

Peter Smith

Zachary Alexander

Saturday late section: 10:30 to 12:30

New Zealand

Bruno Epstein
Dimitri Minasidis
Jack Mehlman
Johnny Andreasen​


Elena Beard
Graham Schwendt
Joshua Zhang
Kevin Liew
Liam Nolan
Nicholas Melnichenko
Patricia Pak
Ross Rosen
Ruhan Chowrira​

Great Britain

Aidan Luo
Andrew Boyer
Ascher Gordon
Ben Mohnkern
Benjamin Pomianek
Kayla Snoeyink
Liam O’Leary
Maisie Pierce
Neel Sharma
Nick Montero
Vincent Liao
Zachary Kano