Despite the delays and cancellations the Wayland-Weston team was a huge success. Our women’s varsity team won the overall points  and our men had some hard fought races and finished 3rd  giving W-W Crew  the overall WIN and are now State Champs! The Women’s 1V8+ and  2V 8+ brought home gold. The 3V 8+, finished 2nd in a race that would be separated by less than half a second while the 1V 4+ would get the bronze. The novice girls ended with a silver medal in the 2N 8+ and a bronze medal in the 1N 8+.

The men of  the1V and 2V 8s would both just miss out of the medals finishing 4th in both their races. The 3V 8+ showed some good speed against strong competition, finishing in third place. The 2N 8+ would race to a decisive victory over their competition and win the gold medal. The 1N 8+ would follow in suite and win a photo finish race by .4 seconds.  An outstanding way to end a great season.