racingOn Saturday May 4th the novice squads headed up to Lowell for The Novice Challenge   Photos  and Slide Show

At the novice challenge our boys and girls posted first place finishes on both sides in the 1st and 2nd Novice 8+’s. The boys also had a novice 4+ entry which put in a silver medal performance. All boats had great rows and while it was flights style racing with floating starts, (making it impossible to compare flight times), I will be so bold as to venture the Wayland Weston Novice 8+’s were the fastest on the water on Saturday. In the girls 1N8+, our young ladies had established a clear lead with a lot of open water over 2nd place CRI by the 1000m mark. In the boys 1N8+ race the margin was a little more interesting with a 2 second victory over Bromfield and a slightly clearer margin over 3rd place Essex Rowing. The racing conditions were a heavy headwind and thick chop in the river. All of our crews did a great job handling the tougher rowing conditions and staying aggressive into the headwind. Overall it was a great day.