The Guidebook has tons of useful information, and we always want parents to volunteer to support the WW Crew in any way you are able, and that you enjoy. 

Coach Communication: 

Whenever possible, your athlete should communicate with the coaches, not you. This is an important and valued part of the athlete’s development.  Coaches, however, will communicate with parents with important information through email sent to a “group” created for each squad’s parents.  Below is a list of groups that have been created for parents.  

The lists/groups that have been created are listed below.  We update our lists regularly and try to put parents on all the right list using the email address(es) you provided in the registration system.  You can ast to join any of the lists/groups or unsubscribe. 

MS Parents!forum/ms-Parents
Novice Boys Parents!forum/nb_parents/
Novice Girls Parents!forum/ng_parents/
Varsity Parents!forum/v_parents/
Varsity Boys Parents!forum/vb_parents/
Varsity Girls Parents!forum/vg_parents/
WW Parents!forum/WWParents/

To join a list,

  1.  Click on the Group Name in the list  above to visit the page for the group.
  2. When you reach the page, click “New topic” and sign into your Google account, if you have one.
  3. You’ll see the message: “You do not have permission to post to this group. Return to the group’s topic listing.”  Don’t despair 😉
  4. Click on “topic listing” and then click “Apply to join group.”