This page can have more information that will be useful for novices.  As soon as a novice suggests content to the webmaster, we’ll add it.  In the meantime, info for novices is pretty much the same as on the “Novice Parent Cheat Sheet.” 

Here’s a selection of items that Novices can “own” during your novice season: 

Where do I have to be, and when?  

  • Each week, usually on Wednesday or Thursday, the coaches will send an email out with the details of the weekend regatta. This will include the bus schedule (buses often leave at different times depending on race schedule).
  • You can get a general idea of the schedule on Regatta Central in advance of the formal schedule sent by the coaches.
  • The novice rowers tend to row first (i.e. very early).  You can look at the Event List in the side bar to get an idea of what time your child will row.
  • Athletes should arrive to the Beach parking lot 10-15 min before the bus departure time.  They can bring a pillow if they want to snooze.  Send your child with a protein bar or bagel depending on travel time.

What clothing should I bring and expect to wear?

  • Each athlete should wear his/her uniform (which for novices is shorts (trou) and the WWcrew top). S/he should dress warmly since the weather by the water is often variable. It is much better to bring too much clothing rather than too little. 
  • There is a list of “what to pack” on the website


Many athletes will bring homework to do if there will be a long wait.

How does the food tent work?

It is traditional to have a central gathering place for each crew team at a regatta, run by parents. Our goals are to keep our athletes and coaches well-fed, to provide shelter from rain or sun, and to have a place for supporters of the team to get together.

  • Parent volunteers are in charge of food each regatta.  We require that they help with the food tent one regatta per season.