Monday, look March 15, find is our first day of practice, from 3:30 until 6.

PLEASE NOTE:  We will be meeting at Wayland High School, so please plan your dropoff and pickup accordingly.  The room is L1, in the Language Building.  This room is in a building between the first building you drive by and the field house, and I or a coach will be out in front to direct you once you have parked.

Parents, you are invited to the first hour of practice (3:30-4:30), which will be a presentation on nutrition by Nancy Clark, one of the best speakers available on sports nutrition.  Please come!  You will find out what to feed your athlete before and after practice and races.

Rowers, the price of admission to the nutrition talk is a snack–you must be properly fueled for the afternoon.   🙂

Rowers, you will have other presentations, squad meetings and possibly a short run or workout after the nutrition talk.  Watch your email for a message from your coach about whether or not you will be working out that day.

See you Monday!