2017 Ergathon ~ September 23

This year’s Ergathon is on Saturday, September 23 from 8-12

The Eragthon is our Fall fundraiser that is “powered” by the students. The event’s goal is to generate 1/2 of the year’s fundraising for new equipment.  This year’s Ergathon goal is $40,000! This goal can easily be reached if each athlete raises $330.

The Ergathon is a “4 Goal Event” that includes an intense workout & team-building activity, fundraising, rowing activities and, of course, food. Info is at Take a look today.

Every rower is required to participate in the workout. There will be mixed teams of varsity and novice boys and girls. Each team is challenged to work together to cover 1000’s of meters together on the rowing machines.  Each rower is expected to try equally hard to generate donations for the crew (from people NOT named “Mom” and “Dad,” at least at the beginning – ask them last).

We are excited to announce that our Middle School Rowers will be participating in the day of the event too…Helping get those meters down on the erg side by side with the varsity.  

There will also be fun raffle prizes which include awesome Filippi swag, Custom WWcrew Cornhole (right) and Bakers Bacon from Coach Mike Baker, a custom WW apron and bag from Coach Pat, and more!!!

Each rower who reaches their $330 fundraising goal will get a free raffle ticket…Raffle tickets will also be sold at the Ergathon.  

Because of all your hard work fundraising the past two years, we have been able to purchase over $300,000 in new equipment. In less than 1 month we will have four new 2x/- in the boathouse and with a successful Ergathon this year, we will have new hulls coming in for the Spring.

Start on the Ergathon page where you can download a 1-page Info Sheet, a 1-page Pledge Sheet, and click through to an online pledge sheet and fundraising pages for each Captain’s Team.

If you are not sure which team you are on, please follow this link: