Ariana Tanimoto, a 2008 alum, is featured in a new U. Washington crew video (it’s on YouTube also) about a great UW tradition of scratch8+ racing. Click here to check it out!

Ariana Tanimoto in UW video

Ham n Eggers has been a part of the storied tradition of winter training at Washington since the 1950s.

To break up the monotony of indoor workouts, the Huskies take to the water in randomly-drawn “scratch” eights and race a 2,000-meter course down the Montlake Cut. The coxswains of each boat pull tongue depressors out of a hat – with the rowers name scribbled on – to fill out the boats. It’s aimed as a fun event, a way to augment training but also take to the race course. Each rower/coxswain in the winning boat receives a star on their blade, and once they reach four stars their blade is retired.

Ham n Eggers are especially important for coxswains, who have the opportunity to hone their racing skills with randomly assigned rowers.

Recently, took a video camera and went behind-the-scenes of the final “Ham n Egger” of the winter. The finished product features interviews with rowers, coaches and coxswains about why the event is such an important part of the program’s fabric.