Between June 12 and August 12, we’ll redesign the website with the help of WP Tangerine, a WordPress Development Company.  You can help in several ways: 

  1. Input: We’d like your opinion about the current website. Please…
    1. Athletes, complete this short survey.
    2. Parents, coaches, Board members and interested parties, complete this short survey. 
  2. Participate/Volunteer: If you would like to participate in the website redesign project in any way, please send an email to the WW Crew Communications Team. 


To start the project we have reviewed the current site structure and drafted a new set of menus based on who WWCrew operates and what we’ve seen on other sites.

Here is the current WW Crew Website Structure Redesign DRAFT

Here is a list of other Crews’ websites we viewed as “comparables.” 

What do you think?  Email the WW Crew Communications Team with your thoughts.