PatPat’s passion for rowing began as a student at Rutgers University. Her passion continued to grow as a masters level competitor while living in St. Louis, MO, Austin, TX and the Boston metro area. Pat has a masters degree in Exercise Physiology and Physical Therapy and has worked as a school-based physical therapist for twenty years. Pat recently completed the USRA Level 2 Coaching program and looks forward to helping our student athletes develop their own passion for rowing.

Favorite crew memory?

I could answer this question listing races my boats have won (beating Anita DeFrantz and her crew at the 1988 San Diego Crew Classic was sweet). However, in reality, my favorite crew memories are interactions with my teammates. When I have the opportunity to get together with women I have rowed with over the past 25-40 years, our conversation and laughs pick up immediately where we left off.

How did you get involved with crew?

I have been surrounded by my father’s love of rowing since the day I was born. At that time, he was a collegiate coach. He remained active in the sport as a US referee, an international referee, co-founding the Wilmington (DE) Rowing club, and as a competitive master’s athlete. His support of women athletes during the beginning of the Title IX era facilitated my ability to participate in rowing as well as other sports.

Why do you coach?

I coach because Mike Baker asked me to help Wayland-Weston.

Favorite written quote:

“There are three ways to ultimate success. The first way is to be kind. The second way is to be kind. The third way is to be kind.” – Fred Rogers

Favorite spoken quote:

“What doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger.”