Coach Mauer is a Wayland-Weston Crew alumnus and returned to coach in the spring of 2009.  He is a 2008 graduate of Skidmore College with a double major in government and history and a minor in environmental studies.  A 2004 honors graduate of Wayland High School, ailment he is also an Eagle Scout.  He joined Wayland-Weston Crew in its inaugural season in the fall of 2000, was one of the team’s first eight-season rowers, and rowed eight seasons at Skidmore.  Among his rowing highlights:


·  1st place, lightweight 8+, NY State Championships 2005

·  1st place, lightweight 4+, Head of the Fish 2007

·  Heavy weight 4+ Liberty League Champions 2008

·  4th place, heavyweight 4+, NY State Championships

·  1st place in the petite final, heavyweight 4+, ECAC National Championships 2008

·  1st place in the Wayland-Weston Crew alumni men’s eight, Mass. Public Schools Championships in spring 2008


What is your favorite rowing memory?


I have many fond rowing memories, although some stand out.  After experiencing the growth of Wayland-Weston Crew for four years, the 2004 public high school state championship race in Worcester was a very important event for me and other seniors as our last high school race.  It was amazing to see how much the program, and the rowers, had grown since the first season in the fall of 2000.  My senior year in college I returned to Lake Q for the ECAC National Championship, where we took first place in the heavyweight 4+ petite final…with a lightweight crew.  Also, sunrise during morning practice on Fish Creek was always impressive.


How did you get involved in crew?


I joined Wayland-Weston for its very first season, along with all my friends.  We weren’t really athletic types, and crew was a good alternative to other high school sports.  As the program grew, so did our athletic ambitions and talent.  By senior year we realized our true potential on the water, and bonded strongly as a team.


What has rowing done for you?


Rowing can truly become a lifestyle.  It has provided me with excellent exercise, strong friendships, and an appreciation for the accomplishments one can achieve through dedication and teamwork.  Rowing requires and promotes constant individual growth and healthy challenges both on and off the water.


Why do you coach?


I’ve enjoyed rowing for years, and have benefited from many mentors who have devoted their time to sharing this sport.  I feel that it is my turn to share everything I’ve learned with my old high school team, where I gained a love and appreciation for rowing.


Favorite spoken quote?


“What time is?  It’s time to row.” – Skidmore Men’s Crew