The team’s dedicated student-athletes and coaches are supported by enthusiastic parents, alumni and friends. See the WWRA By-Laws

Program Director: 

BOARD – WWRA Board  2018-2019

  • Adam Schayowitz, President
  • John Renterghem, Treasurer
  • Sarah Orlov, Secretary
  • Chris Maietta, Chairman
  • Gregg DiPietro, Vice President
  • Dave George -Chair of Facilities Committee
  • Deb Marchiony, Chair of Volunteer Committee
  • Kristin Barbieri*, Chair of PR Committee
  • Ken Green 
  • William Grieco*
  • Will Hill
  • Tom Kiefer 
  • James Newman*
  • Beth Noll* 
  • Carolyn Ross*
  • Angie Sundberg

*Newly elected Board members

Committees 2018-2019

There are six committees within WWRA.  Each committee is chaired by a Board member (or the Program Director in the case of the Operations Committee).  Committees can be comprised of board members, parent volunteers, rowers and members of the community.  Frequency and implementation of each committee is at the discretion of the committee chair. 

Operations Committee – Chair: Mike Baker

  • Responsible for supporting the Program Director and rowing related oversight of WWRA.  This includes consultation for new equipment purchases and rowing specific programming

Finance Committee – Chair: John Renterghem

  • Responsible for the financial budgeting, management and reporting of WWRA activities.

Volunteer Committee – Chair: Deb Marchiony

  • Responsible for organizing volunteer activities including individual regatta activities, the WWRA Invitation and ergathon

Facilities Committee – Chair: Dave George

  • Responsible for the management of the boathouse property

Development Committee – Chair – TBD

  • Responsible for strategic development and implementation of development plans

Long Range Planning Committee – Chair: Chris Maietta

  • Responsible for the development of a 5-year strategic plan for WWRA