The team brought home the girl’s points trophy and the overall team points trophy in the Massachusetts Public Schools Rowing Association (MPSRA) Championships this past weekend.  The day started off with the Boy’s 4v racing in a 16 oared octuple.  The boy’s got off to a great start and were leading the race against Worcester until a popped oarlock forced them to stop.  They rowed very well once the problem was fixed and gained huge ground but the gap was too large to make up in the distance left to race.  It was great watching these guys learn to scull well enough to race in just 2 weeks.  The boy’s novice 4 placed 4th in their heat and did not advance to the final.  The girls novice 4 placed 1s in their heat and second in their final against a very fast CRLS crew.  In the boy’s novice 8 event the guys took second in their heat and 4th in the final, getting edged out of 3rd place by just 3 seconds against Arlington-Belmont.

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The girls novice 8 walked away from the competition along with rivals Bromfield-Acton-Boxborough.  In a tight race all the way to the finish the girls took second place, over all, by just a little over 1 second.  In another tight race the boy’s 3V took 3rd place, only a second and a half behind Hingham. Closer still the girl’s 3V was able to place second over Shrewsbury by a half second.  The girls were racing for medals since there were only 3 boats in this race and medals are awarded only to 1st and 2nd.  The boy’s 2v took second place in a final where 2nd, 3rd and 4th place were separated by only 2 seconds.  The girl’s 2v won their heat by 3 seconds against Hingham and opened up the gap even more in the final to win first place overall by 6 seconds.  The girl’s varsity 4 advanced through their heat and placed 5th over all in an event of 13 boats, racing against many other team’s priority 4s.
In the first 8, the boys won their heat but were unable to carry it over into the final, placing 4th over all in the event.  Brookline took first place.  The girls 1V8 took first in their heat and second overall falling just behind Bromfield.  In the end the overall team points trophy came down to jut 6 points between WW (109) and Bromfield (103).  Everyones efforts contributed and every close race added up.
Thank you to to all the rowers, parents, coaches, volunteers, and board members who help keep things running and making every season it’s own success.
Next up will be the boy’s light 4 and girl’s light 8 competing in Oak Ridge, TN at the US Rowing Youth Nationals Championships, against some of the best crews in the country.