By Sam Kolovson
The Wayland-Weston Girls crew team traveled to Lowell for the 8th annual Lowell Invitational (May 12-13). The regatta had so many entries this year that it was expanded over two days – mostly heats on Saturday and semi-finals and finals on Sunday. All the races were 2000 meters in length and with ideal conditions there were plenty of great races.

Saturday started off bright and early with the girl’s varsity pair (stroke: Kyle Robb, Sarah Perry) setting the tone for the weekend with a third place finish and bringing home a bronze medal.

The lightweight eight (cox: Caroline Ayanian, stroke: Elena Drews, Sophia Haley, Gabriela Purman, Rebecca Harris, Madison Kiefer, Hannah Brigham, Emma Conroy, Rachel Yan) set the bar even higher as they powered it out to gold.

A new line-up this week in the lightweight four (cox: Michelle Sheffres, stroke: Wendy Dong, Caroline Peters, Meridith Galang, Rachel Schneider) raced well coming in 3rd on Saturday and 5th on Sunday.

Also in a different line-up this week was the second varsity four (cox: Pardis Alizadeh, stroke: Kyle Robb, Sarah Perry, Elaine Hunt, Brianna Mele) who finished 5th in a tough race on Saturday.

The varsity girls raced two fours in the first boat category. In the “A” boat, coxswain Georgia Parker, stroke Antonia Vitagliano, Emily Phaneuf, Lizzie Becker, and Pippa Edwards came flying down the course in first in both their heat and semi-final. The “B” boat (cox: Kate Silberberg, stroke: Kira Palmer, Sam Kolovson, Emily Huber, Rebecca Harris) finished 2nd and 4th in their heat and semi-finals respectively. The girls fours were not able to race in the finals because the eights finals were to close in time to the fours finals.

Also coming in 2nd and 4th in their heat and finals respectively was the girl’s first varsity eight (cox: Caroline Ayanian, stroke: Gabriela Purman, Rebecca Harris, Antonia Vitagliano, Emily Phaneuf, Lizzie Becker, Pippa Edwards, Elena Drews, Hannah Brigham).
The girls second varsity eight (cox: Georgia Parker, stroke: Kira Palmer, Sophia Haley, Madison Kiefer, Sam Kolovson, Emily Huber, Sarah Perry, Emma Conroy, Rachel Yan) battled it out in two very close races finishing second on Saturday and winning their final to capture gold on Sunday.

With two strong races was the girl’s third varsity eight (cox: Kate Silberberg, stroke: Kyle Robb, Caroline Peters, Elaine Hunt, Rachel Schneider, Wendy Dong, Brianna Mele, Joanna Duffy, Caroline Kaye) finishing 3rd on Saturday and 4th on Sunday.

The novice girls raced two boats this weekend. Coming in a very close second on both days, loosing only to CRI, was the first novice eight (cox: Julia Carr, stroke: Audrey Zizza, Sophia Young, Charlotte Smith, Hannah Knight, Mia Shaver, Claire Coote, Mia Senechal, Kyra Spaulding). The second novice eight (cox: Andrea Meindl, stroke: Lauren Shin, Irene Liew, Kristen Shytle, Julia Mitrano, Julianna Icke, Keri Shortsleeve, Katie Cort, Jackie McInerney) finished fourth on Saturday.

After a long weekend with plenty of racing the girls showed they are ready for the championship part of the season. Next weekend the girl’s varsity looks to qualify boats for the Youth Nationals in June. And the following weekend the whole team hopes to once again capture the State Championship.


Details to come