This past Sunday the team traveled to Hooksett, NH for the New Hampshire Championship Regatta held on the Merrimack River. With crews racing in a number of different events it was an exciting day of racing with Wayland- Weston crews on the water at almost any point throughout the day.


The Novice squads gained even more valuable experience with some of their best results thus far this fall. The boy’s novice 8 took home a silver medal with a second place finish, with only St. John’s posting a better time in the event of 19 crews. The girls novices also had a very strong day, finishing 4th and 11th of 25. The 4th place crew missed a medal by only 8 seconds over a 3 mile course, along with the “B” crew posting a faster time than a number of “A” crews from other teams.


The varsity girls had 3 crews competing in the Girls HS varsity 4. In addition to the “A” crew winning the event, besting 2nd place Winsor by 7 seconds, the “B” and “C” crew had strong showings finishing 9th and 21st of 35 competing crews. The girls also raced a double in the morning, which finished 2nd behind a very strong crew from CRI and ahead of the 3rd place boat by 30 seconds. The final race of the day was the Girls HS 8+, in which 3 crews competed. All boats had strong races finishing 4th, 22nd, and 40th of 45 crews.

Video from Eric Bucher – Women’s Jr 1V8

Video from Eric Bucher – Women’s Jr 2x

Video from Cliff Kolovson – Women’s 4+ (3 boats, plus interesting launch footage)


The boys 8 was the first race of the day, and had 4 Wayland- Weston crews racing. The boys 8’s finished 5th, 13th, 24th, and 27th of 36 crews, a strong showing in the event. The boys also raced 3 crews in the Boys HS 4+ towards the end of the day. The boys fours finished 3rd, 4th, and 8th of 29 crews. The 3rd place boat took home a bronze medal finishing behind strong crews from Saratoga and Northfield Mt. Hermon.

All in all a good day of racing, with some great fall weather!

Keep an eye out for information on the this week’s Head of the Charles regatta. Wayland- Weston has 4 competing crews and an alumni boat.